The 100 Best Albums of 2016
(all styles, all genres)
David Bowie    
Art Rock

Jack DeJohnette/Ravi Coltrane / Matthew Garrision    
In Movement    

Hannah Epperson    
Experimental Pop/Chamber Music Fusion

L.A. Salami    
Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut    
Wild Genre-Crossing Singer-Songwriter

Young Magic  
Still Life
Brooklyn Dream Pop Influenced by Indonesian Music

William Fitzsimmons    
Charleroi: Pittsburgh, Vol. 2    
The Mournful Folk Bard of Pittsburgh

Michael Messer's Mitra    
Call of the Blues    
Hindustani Clasical Music/Traditional Blues Fusion

Ilya Toshinsky    
Red Grass
Bluegrass Banjo Virtuoso from Russia

Nick Ellis    
Daylight Ghosts    
Folk Singer-Songwriter from Liverpool

Lucas Debargue    
Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel    
Classical Piano Music

Luther Dickinson    
Blues & Ballads: A Folksinger's Songbook, Volumes 1 & 2    

Roomful of Teeth    
The Colorado    
Contemporary Choral Music

Anthony Joseph    
Caribbean Roots
Caribbean Griot Funk

Gavin Bryars    
The Fifth Century    
Contemporary Music for Voices and Saxophones

Glenn Jones    
Solo Fingerstyle Guitar & Banjo

George Coleman    
A Master Speaks    
Jazz (Coleman's First Leader Date in 20 Years)

Various Artists    
The Savory Collection, Vol. 1    
Previously Unreleased Jazz from 1936-1940

Finnegan Shanahan    
The Two Halves    
Avant-Garde Pop Song Cycle

Sierra Hull    
Weighted Mind    
Progressive Bluegrass

Nico Muhly & Teitur     
Nordic Pop Meets Contemporary Chamber Music

Paul Simon    
Stranger to Stranger    

William Tyler    
Modern Country
Ambient Country Guitar Instrumentals

Markus Stockhausen / Florian Weber    
Ambient Jazz

Alan Cumming    
Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs: Live at the Cafe Carlyle    
Contemporary Cabaret Music

African Trance Music

Michael Mizrahi    
Contemporary Piano Music

Brad Mehldau    
Blues and Ballads    

A Moon Shaped Pool    
Art Rock

Žak Ozmo     
Vincenzo Galilei: The Well-Tempered Lute    
First Recording of Important 1584 work by Galileo's Father

Laura Mvula    
The Dreaming Room    
Soul/Vocal Polyphony/Dream Pop

Fred Hersch    
Sunday Night at the Vanguard  

Nik Bärtsch's Mobile    
Zen-Funk Hypnotic Jazz

Julianna Barwick    
Ambient Crypto-Pop

Boston Symphony Orchestra/Andris Nelsons    
Shostakovich Under Stalin's Shadow: Symphonies Nos. 5, 8 & 9    
Modern Classical Music

Ross Hammond & Sameer Gupta    
Duets for 12-String Guitar & Tabla

Craig Hartley    
Books on Tape. Vol. II    
Pastiche Jazz Piano

The Lazy Lies    
The Lazy Lies    
Melodic Pop-Rock from Barcelona

Bill Charlap    
Notes from New York    

Laura Cannell    
Simultaneous Flight Movement
Modern Medieval

Susana Raya    
Wind Rose    
The Andalusian Eva Cassidy

Electric Beanstalk    
Electronica Bluegrass

Zsófia Boros    
Local Objects    
Contemporary Classical Guitar with Jazz and World Music Elements

Alsarah & The Nubatones    
Sudanese Afropop


Rolf Lislevand    
La Mascarade    
Baroque Guitar/Improvisation

Charles Lloyd & The Marvels    
I Long to See You    

Melanie De Biasio    
Blackened Cities    
The Billie Holiday of Belgian Ambient Music

Lake Street Dive    
Side Pony    

Glenn Kotche & Sō Percussion    
Drumkit Quartets    
Percussion Chamber Music

Melissa Aldana     
Back Home    

Various Artists    
God Don't Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson    

Sokratis Sinopoulos    
Eight Winds    
Contemporary Jazz-Oriented Music for Greek Lyra

The Ragbirds    
The Threshold & the Hearth    

Devendra Banhart      
Ape in Pink Marble    
Freak Folk

Alexandre Desplat    
Soundtrack to The Light Between Oceans    
Film Soundtrack

Paul Moravec    
Amorisms: Music of Paul Moravec    
Contemporary Classical Music

Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil   
Dois Amigos, Um Século de Música    
Brazilian Tropicalismo

Gregory Porter    
Take Me to the Alley    
Jazz Vocals

David Lang    
The National Anthems    
Contemporary Choral Music

Cason Fentress & The Euphonious Express    
Clear Cool    
Steely Dan-ish Jazz Pop

Allen Toussaint    
American Tunes    
Vernacular American Piano Music

Miranda Lambert    
The Weight of These Wings    

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc    
Nordic Fiddling

International Contemporary Ensemble    
On the Nature of Thingness    
Contemporary Classical Music by Phyllis Chen & Nathan Davis

Chico Freeman    
Spoken Into Existence    

Rokia Traoré    
Né So    
Malian Singer-Songwriter

Denny Zeitlin    
Early Wayne    
Solo Piano Interpretations of Wayne Shorter's Music

Steve Kimock    
Last Danger of Frost    
Folk-Oriented Guitar Instrumentals

Sara Gazarek/Josh Nelson    
Dream in the Blue    
Jazz Vocal/Piano Duets

The Olympians    
The Olympians    
Old School R&B Instrumentals

Baaba Maal    
The Traveller    
Senegalese Singer-Songwriter

Boo Boo Davis    
One Chord Blues    
Nasty Old Blues

John Zorn    
The Mockingbird    
Contemporary Music for Harp, Guitar, Vibraphone and Chimes

Sarathy Korwar    
Day to Day    
Experimental Sufi Electronica with Bits of Modal Jazz

Cyrille Aimée    
Let's Get Lost    
Jazz Vocals

Noura Mint Seymali    
Moorish Funk from Mauritania

Applewood Road    
Applewood Road    

Sunflower Bean    
Human Ceremony    
Melody-Driven Rock

Christina Pluhar/L'Arpeggiata    
Orfeo Chamán    
Operatic Pre-Columbian Setting of Orpheus Myth

Erroll Garner    
Ready Take One    
Previously Unreleased Jazz from 1967-1972

Reuben Hollebon    
Terminal Nostalgia    

Sociedade Recreativa    
Sociedade Recreativa    
Forró-Based Brazilian Dance Music

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds    
Skeleton Tree    

Flatland Cavalry    
Humble Folks    
Alt Country

John Carpenter    
Lost Themes II    
Film Music Without a Film

Keith Jarrett    
A Multitude of Angels    
Previously Unreleased Live Jazz Concerts from 1996

Daniel Wohl    
Contemporary Classical Music

Tashi Dorji & Shane Parish    
Bhutanese/Appalachian Guitar Duets

Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra    
The Abyssinian Mass    
Jazz/African-American Folkloric

Alphabet Botanical    
Alphabet Botanical    

Daniil Trifonov    
Transcendental: Daniil Trifonov plays Franz Liszt    
Classical Music

Kadhja Bonet    
The Visitor    
Unconventional Soul Music

Dylan LeBlanc    
Cautionary Tale    
Neil Young-ish Singer Songwriter

Loretta Lynn    
Full Circle    

PRISM Quartet    
The Curtis Project: Music for Saxophones from the Curtis Institute    
Contemporary Chamber Music for Saxophones

Huelgas Ensemble/Paul Van Nevel    
Firminus Caron: Twilight of the Middle Ages    
Renaissance Music

Äl Jawala    
Balkan Beat Hip-Hop

The I Don't Cares    
Wild Stab
Melody-Driven Rock

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble    
I Want That Sound!    
Jazz-ish Street Band Music

Third Coast Percussion/Steve Reich    
Third Coast Percussion/Steve Reich    
Contemporary Music for Percussion
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I am often asked how I compile my
annual list of the 100 best albums.
Here is some background information.  

What styles of music do I include in
my listening?

I listen to all genres and all styles of
music. I like to listen to music that is
fresh and different, and this spurs me
to search outside the dominant
commercial categories and hit
releases. But I also listen to the
heavily promoted albums from the
major labels.    

How much music do I listen to?   

I like to hear new music every day.   
During 2016 I listened to more
than 1,000 new  album releases.
(The exact number was 1,021.)  

Why do I compile this list?

Like any music lover, I enjoy
sharing my favorite music with others.
But in the last few years, a different
motivation has spurred me. I believe
that the system of music discovery is
broken in the current day. There is
more music recorded than ever before,
but it is almost impossible for listeners
to find the best new recordings. The
most creative work in music is
increasingly found on self-produced
projects and releases from small
indie labels— to an extent hardly
conceivable only a decade ago. Very
little of this music ever shows up on
the radio, where formats seem to get
narrower and narrower with each
passing year. Music fans once heard
good new music at indie record stores,
but most of them have closed. Or
they could read reviews in the
newspaper, but both the newspapers
and the music reviews are shrinking or
disappearing. And the big record
labels are the worst culprits of all,
picking acts for their looks or their
potential appeal to fourteen-year-olds,
or some other egregious reason, and
in general jumping on the most trivial
passing fads. On the other hand,
the Internet presents an almost
infinite amount of music and music
commentary—yet where do fans
even begin to separate the good from
the bad and ugly? My personal solution
to this dilemma has been to listen to
lots and lots of music, and try to
identify recordings of quality and
distinction. I share my list because
I know, from past experience, that
many other listeners are frustrated
with the broken system of music
discovery, and are also looking for
good new music.  

What criteria do I apply?  

I have no axe to grind. My list is
filled with music I enjoy, and suspect
others will too—especially if they
have a reasonably good ear, and
an open mind. I like recordings that
show some flair and creativity, a
sense of style, solid musicianship,
and an emotional commitment to
the moment of performance. I
appreciate it when an artist
possesses a sense of musical
tradition; on the other hand, I don’t
want to see slavish imitation of the
past. When music strikes me as
too formulaic or contrived or cold,
I start to lose interest. Like any critic,
I want my readers to think that I am
cool and hip and oh-so-up-to-date,
but I learned some time ago that
many of the best recordings are
decidedly uncool and unhip. So if
you want to laugh at me for honoring
some unfashionable aging rocker or
superannuated country singer,
go right ahead. But also check
out some of the lesser-known titles on
the might just be pleasantly
surprised by what you hear.

Happy listening!
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Here is my Honorable Mention list another 100 recordings of distinction, each one worthy of your listening attention:

Ralph Alessi   Quiver   Jazz
Arcomusical   MeiaMeia   Contemporary Music for Berimbau
Aziza (Dave Holland / Chris Potter / Lionel Loueke / Eric Harland) Aziza  Jazz
Daniel Bachman  Daniel Bachman  Guitar Instrumentals
Kenny Barron   Book of Intuition  Jazz
Bayonne Primitives  Minimalist Pop
Berlin Chamber Symphony/Piotr Plawner  Polish Violin Concertos    Modern Classical Music
Berlin RIAS Chamber Choir / Hans-Christoph Rademann  Alfred Schnittke: Penitential Psalms Modern Choral Music
Eraldo Bernocchi/Prakash Sontakke  Invisible Strings  Genre-Crossing Guitar Duets
Beyoncé  Lemonade  R&B
Le Boeuf Brothers + JACK Quartet  Imaginist  Kafka-Inspired, Jazz-Inflected Contemporary Chamber Music
David Bragger  Big Fancy   Traditional American Fiddle Music
Ian Carey Interview Music   Jazz
Celtica  Steamphonia   Heavy Metal Bagpipe Steampunk Music
Matty Charles & Katie Rose  Catching Arrows    Folk
Choral Scholars of University College Dublin  Invisible Stars: Choral Works of Ireland & Scotland Choral Music
Cirque du Soleil  Luzia  Mexican Electronica for Acrobatic Performance
Leonard Cohen  You Want It Darker  Singer-Songwriter
Jacob Collier  In My Room  Multitracked Pop/R&B Vocal Polyphony
Patrick Cornelius  While We're Still Young  Jazz Suite Inspired by the Poetry of A.A. Milne
Jimmy Cornett  Campfire    Acoustic Roots & Blues
Andrew Cyrille  The Declaration of Musical Independence  Jazz
Day Wave  Hard to Read  Electronica Dream Pop
Lara Downes  America Again  American Piano Music
Bob Dylan  Fallen Angels  Great American Songbook
Peter Eldridge  Disappearing Day  Jazz/Pop/Singer-Songwriter
Brian Eno    The Ship    Ambient
Piers Faccini & Dawn Landes  Desert Songs  West African-Influenced Folk Music
Family Atlantica  Cosmic Unity  Venezuelan Folk/Pop Dance Music
Fau   Eden   Medieval-ish Folk/Pop
Chris Finnen & Jay Hoad    Off the Cliff    Blues/Folk/Roots
Dori Freeman  Dori Freeman    Country-Folk
Bill Frisell  When You Wish Upon a Star    Jazz Interpretations of Soundtrack Music
Emil Gilels  The Seattle Recital    Classical Piano Recital
Groove Legacy  Groove Legacy    Old School Instrumental Soul-Funk
Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra    Time/Life    Jazz
Petra Haden  Seemed Like a Good Idea: Petra Haden Sings Jesse Harris    Pop/Folk
Mirella Hagen & Kerstin Mörk  Mädchenherzen: A Maiden's Heart    Modern Art Song
Barbara Hannigan  Hans Abrahamsen: Let Me Tell You  Shakespeare-Inspired Contemporary Art Song Cycle
Allen Harrington & Lottie Enns-Braun   Vanishing Point  Contemporary Classical Music for Saxophone & Organ
Florian Hoefner (with Seamus Blake)  Luminosity  Jazz
Hamilton de Holanda    Samba de Chico    Brazilian Mandolin Music
James Hunter Six    Hold On!    Retro Rhyhm & Blues
Eileen Ivers    Beyond the Bog Road    Celtic Bluegrass
Sarah Jarosz    Undercurrent    Country/Americana
Jim of Seattle    Both    Pastiche/Parody of Commercial Music Styles
Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra    All My Yesterdays: The Debut 1966 Recordings  Big Band Jazz
Ryan Keberle & Catharsis    Azul Infinito    Jazz
Masabumi Kikuchi    Black Orpheus    Jazz
Brock Landers    The Prequel to the Sequel    Post-Hardcore Rock
Steve Lehman    Sélébéyone    Bilingual Hip-Hop (English and Wolof) + Jazz
The Lifers    Out and In    Folk Pop
Kristoffer Lo    The Black Meat    Horn Drone Music Recorded in a Lighthouse During a Storm
Harold López-Nussa    El Viaje    Melodic Latin Jazz
Clint Mansell    Soundtrack to High-Rise    Film Soundtrack
Bob Margolin    My Road    Blues
MAST    Love and War_    Nu Jazz from L.A.
Corey McAmis    Folk Songs and Murder Ballads   Folk
Brad Mehldau & Joshua Redman    Nearness    Jazz Piano & Sax Duets
Wim Mertens    What Are We, Locks, to Do?    Experimental Quasi-Pop Art Songs for Countertenor
Camila Meza    Traces   Jazz-Tinged Singer-Songwriter
Buddy Miller & Friends  Cayamo Sessions at Sea    Country
Marc Mommaas & Nikolaj Hess   Ballads and Standards    Jazz
Meredith Monk  On Behalf of Nature  Contemporary Chamber Music
Wolf Müller & Cass  The Sound Of Glades   Ambient
Michael Nau   Mowing   Folk
Willie Nelson  Summertime    Gershwin Tribute Album
Willie Nile  World War Willie    Old School Rock
Padang Food Tigers & Sigbjørn Apeland  Bumblin' Creed  Ambient Folk Instrumentals
Pepper  Ohana   Hawaiian Pop Reggae
Houston Person & Ron Carter    Chemistry    Jazz Duets
Leslie Pintchik  True North  Jazz
Mo Pitney  Behind This Guitar   Country
Noah Preminger  Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground   Contemporary Jazz Arrangements of Traditional Blues
Corinne Bailey Rae  The Heart Speaks in Whispers   Jazz/Pop/Soul-Oriented Singer-Songwriter
Doug Richards & The Great American Music Ensemble    It's All in the Game    Big Band Jazz
Alfredo Rodriguez  Tocororo    Afro-Cuban Music
Sonny Rollins  Holding the Stage (Road Shows, Vol. 4)    Jazz
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra/Hans Ek  E.S.T. Symphony Orchestral Versions of E.S.T. Compositions
Ralph Samuelson The Universal Flute  Unaccompanied Shakuhachi Flute
San Francisco Symphony/Michael Tilson Thomas  Mason Bates: Works for Orchestra Contemporary Classical Music
John Scofield   Country for Old Men   Little Bit Jazz, Little Bit Country
Seattle Symphony/Ludovic Morlot  Ives: Syymphonies 3&4   Modern Classical Music
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros  PersonA   Folk-ish Pop
Sidestepper  Supernatural Love   Afro-Colombian Pop
The Sixteen The Deer's Cry  Renaissance and Contemporary Choral Music
Dr Lonnie Smith  Evolution   Jazz
Sting  57th & 9th  Rock
The Suffers  The Suffers  Gulf Coast Soul
Supersonic Blues Machine  West of Flushing, South of Frisco  Blues Rock
Take Six  Believe   A Cappella Gospel Music
Tedeschi Trucks Band   Let Me Get By    Rock
Tonbruket  Forevergreens   Jazz/Prog Rock/Avant-Garde Folk
Bruce Torff   Down the Line   Jazz
A Tribe Called Red  We are the Halluci Nation    Native American-Influenced Hip-Hop/Electronica
Vox Sambou  The Brasil Session    Haitian/Brazilian/Québécois  Hip-Hop
Zachary Wadsworth    The Far West    Contemporary Cantata for Chorus and Orchestra
Joanna Wallfisch  Gardens in My Mind    Jazz-Oriented Art Songs
Seth Walker  Gotta Get Back    Folk/Roots/Pop
Jeremy Zuckerman   Khaos   Ambient Classical Music
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